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When The Pain Is Too Much...You Do Have Options

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

"Pain is a part of life, but suffering is an option." - Tony Robbins

Sarah sat in the room in shock!  Was this really peripheral neuropathy?   What does that mean?  Are there treatment options?

I see patients daily that have significant pain because of peripheral neuropathy.  The pain is often severe enough that they consider even cutting off their leg or foot.  But to make it worse, they get one of three responses from their doctors:

  • "It's All In Your Head": Although nerve pain associated with peripheral neuropathy is very common, it is often misdiagnosed and thought to be drug seeking behavior or psychosomatic.  In other words, you are often being told it isn't real pain.   NOTE: It is real and can be very painful!
  • "It Is Fibromyalgia": Peripheral neuropathy associated nerve pain is also often misdiagnosed as other pain causing problems with fibromyalgia being the most common.  Rarely are you given good options for these incomplete diagnoses.
  • "There Is Nothing We Can Do": This is probably the most problematic as you are given no hope.  

Now for the good news:  I See Peripheral Neuropathy Regularly And It Can Be Treated (Even The Pain)!

Nerve pain caused by peripheral neuropathy is a very common problem and therefore can be treated through a protocol I have created over the years as part of The Gibson Method known as the 5 Rs of Management:

  • Repair: The ideal treatment for any peripheral neuropathy problem is repair.  When it comes to nerve pain the repair process will reduce and often eliminate the pain.  Some viable repair options include: MLS laser treatment, nutrition, exercise, detox, improved body health (reactivating stem cells).
  • Repress: The most common treatment for nerve pain (if you are given any) are in the repress category.  These are valuable treatments for breakthrough pain, but shouldn't be the primary treatment method.  This can include: nerve modifying medications, some pain medications, CBD, TENS units and electrical stimulation.
  • Reeducate: Another treatment options for nerve malfunction that causes nerve pain in neuropathy is reeducation.  The point is the brain and peripheral nerves are not communicating correctly.  Through reeducation you improve this communication.  I currently only know of two methods to reeducate nerves: Calmare electrical stimulation and The Rebuilder.  
  • Reset: Similarly, reset can be utilized for certain types of peripheral neuropathy pain.  This is similar to turning off a computer and turning it back on.   We have found exercise, sleep and Neurogenx to be viable forms of nerve reset.
  • Release: The final pain management technique is underestimated. This is utilizing the powerful mind to release the symptoms.  If utilized correctly this can be the most effective long-term treatment for peripheral neuropathy pain.

So, the truth is that peripheral neuropathy pain can be treated without cutting off the painful area!  We are treating it regularly and can usually give you options as soon as the first visit.  

If you would like an appointment in the office or a neuropathy consult we would be happy to see you.

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