God Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather...and Physician

Dr Brandt R Gibson loves God with all his heart.  He likewise loves his angel wife and his 16 children (11 born to he and Shirley and 5 that married in) and his 2 grandchild so far (with 2 more on the way).  His other love is helping people live their best life with friends and family without the limitations or distractions of health problems, especially foot and ankle pain. 

In fact, Dr Gibson has always said:   

"Pain Is Never Normal!"

He has therefore made it his mission to help people resolve foot and ankle pain, especially pain associated with peripheral neuropathy.  It was for this reason that Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute was started.  Learn to reduce pain, eliminate deformities where possible and return to enjoying life including your hobbies, your friends and family and even let your feet carry you through reaching all the new heights and bucket list items you have always dreamed of.  

You Deserve To Live An Extraordinary Life...without foot or ankle pain!!

My Dear Friends,

From a very young age (before I was 2 years old), I wanted to be a doctor. That desire never changed.  I never even considered the day I wouldn't be a doctor. I have always wanted this opportunity to help you Optimize Your Health! I, therefore, have loved every minute of serving each of you as a doctor!

medicine has changed, but your needs have not!  In fact, you as the patient are more prepared than ever to manage your own health. Truthfully, it should have always been your responsibility, because only you have a true vested interest in getting better.

That is why
the way I provide medical care has also changed. I am now working as a team member with youto ensure you stay healthy and are able to stay active.   The most important team member, however, is YOU!

What does that mean for Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute?  What does that mean for your foot and ankle health?  What does that ultimately mean for you?

You are now the "Driving Force" in your medical care!

And I am here to help you, teach you what you need to know and guide you in getting the highest quality care and quickest recovery possible. We will truly Optimize What You Were Born With!

Thanks for trusting us with your foot & ankle health!


Start saving time and money while still improving your health!


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