As a society, we are constantly on our feet, so it is imperative that we keep them healthy!

Whether the issues are caused by longer life expectancy, heavier body weight, or even just the fact that we are trying to become more active, our feet are becoming more important to us each and every day.

Children are competing in athletics at higher levels. People are living longer. Weight gain in adults and children are more problematic. Foot and ankle complaints and concerns are touching every life and every family.

As a foot & ankle specialist, Dr. Brandt Gibson sees these problems on a regular basis and can provide key insights into these concerns.

WHO Do We Treat?

Here at Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute, we provide care for all people from the very young to the very old, from the inactive to the highly active, and can usually help all overcome problems with the foot or ankle.

  • Your Family: Everyone in your home, old and young, need to keep their feet healthy and functional so they can stay active and enjoy all this life has to give.  
  • Women: In a society that emphasizes aesthetically pleasing woman’s shoe gear, it is no wonder that women have four times as many foot problems as men. High heels and pointed toed shoes are often functionally devastating shoe gear and may propagate ambulation abnormalities and the development of foot deformities, including painful bunions and hammer toes.
  • ChildrenMany congenital and developmental foot and leg disorders or abnormalities can be caught at an early age through screenings, early diagnosis and treatment. Early foot and ankle care can also prevent the health problems they have inherited from you.
  • Elderly: It is a well-known fact that the overall health and well being of the geriatric patient, both mentally and physically, is related to their ability to perform their daily activities. Podiatric medicine can help maintain the ambulatory status.
  • AthletesIncreasing numbers of youth and adults are participating in athletics and exercise. We are able to provide advice for training, athletic shoe gear, orthotics or shoe inserts, and prevention of injury. Treatment of acute and chronic injuries can also be provided.
  • Diabetics: Diabetes is a significant systemic disease that has multiple manifestations in the lower extremities. These manifestations include impairment of blood flow to the feet, decreased sensation, and impaired immune system. Regular follow up with a foot and ankle specialist is recommended.

WHAT Do We Treat?

Here at Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute, we provide foot and ankle care to both optimize function, prevent and treat injury and keep everyone healthy and active.

HOW Do We Treat?

Here at Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the newest technologies and treatments to ensure rapid return to regular activities.

  • Education: The most important part of healthcare is the education you personally receive about the cause of your symptoms and treatment options.  The secret to your health is YOU!
  • Conservative Care: Although surgery is often an options, Dr Gibson strives to find the most comprehensive way to improve your health without risky surgery and often even without expensive medications.  You will always have OPTIONS when working with us.
  • Comprehensive Care: The most effective treatments include not just western medicine, but all available options. These treatments will include surgeries, medications, herbs, alternative treatments, meditation, exercise and physical therapy, nutrition and multiple modalities and treatments.  Dr Gibson studies all available options and follows the science to integrate and use any available treatments to give you the best possible results.
  • Digital X-ray & Ultrasound: Current diagnostic technologies utilized to evaluate and treat. These technologies also allow you personally to see (with the doctor's help) the reason for your symptoms.
  • Nerve Testing & Biopsy: The most comprehensive testing to evaluate and treat Peripheral Neuropathy is made available to you through our office.
  • Advanced Orthotic Technology: Utilized in combination with Dr Gibson's expertise at gait analysis, we are able to give you the highest quality orthotic device at a reasonable cost in less than 2 weeks.  You will be amazed at the scanning capabilities!
  • MLS Laser Therapy: As utilized by professional sports teams and expensive clinics, Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute has the capabilities to reduce pain and inflammation, speed recovery and optimize return to activity after an injury.
  • The Gibson MethodPeripheral Neuropathy is a common problem that is usually left untreated or undertreated. Through the proprietary process, we are able to provide extensive evaluation and treatment for long-term relief.


Start saving time and money while still improving your health!


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