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The Power of Belief In Managing Peripheral Neuropathy

Saturday, October 21, 2023

"The mind is the medicine of the body." - Seneca

Over the last 50+ years of my life, I have heard over and over again that the mind is truly powerful.  As a child I was told I could "accomplish anything I set my mind to."  No where is this more true than with health!

Before you discount this discussion and decide to skip it (or not believe it is true), let me introduce to you a well known fact in the practice of medicine.  There is a term "placebo" where believing that a treatment or medicine will help can have true biomedical benefits in the body.  This is called the "placebo effect" and is accounted for in most medical studies.  Dr Andrew Weil said, "Placebo has a powerful effect on the body. If you believe that something will help you, it often will."  So, as you can see, belief is at least part of any medical treatment.

Now I would like to take it a step further...

When it comes to peripheral neuropathy and nerve pain, the mind is far more powerful than we want to admit. From my experiences personally and with my patients, I can agree with Norman Cousins that "Belief is the most powerful drug in the world."   But with current research into the brain, it is more than just is our understanding, our emotions, our desires, our perceptions and our experiences and how those influence what we believe.  This is by far the greatest healing force, greatest asset for personal health that any of us has!

Put another way - "The greatest healing force is within each of us. It is the power of our mind, our emotions, and our spirit." - Dr. Bernie Siegel

That brings me to the key purpose of this post today...The Biggest Secret To Management and Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy Is YOUR BELIEF That You Can Get Better!

Let me be the first to tell you that it can happen and is happening EVERYDAY!  People are taking control of their peripheral neuropathy and living the extraordinary life they want to live.   

Why not you?!

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