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How Laser Therapy Works

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Laser therapy works at the cellular level by utilizing specific wavelengths of laser light to penetrate deeply into the tissues. This therapy is designed with two distinct wavelengths of light pulsed to ensure limited sensation during treatment and produce two distinct treatment advantages:

  • One wavelength is designed to penetrate to the cellular level and stimulate cellular healing and improved reproduction while also having a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-edema (swelling) effect on the treated tissues
  • The second wavelength is designed to treat the tissues and aggressively reduce pain sensations. Pain Reduction often can occur as quickly as 2-3 treatments.​

Therefore, as a result of tissues being exposed to photons of laser energy the cells of nerves, tendons, ligaments and muscles repair themselves more quickly and the healing processes are kick-started. One huge additional benefit of Laser Therapy is no known negative side effects, as opposed to most pharmaceutical treatment options. Laser therapy is cleared by the FDA and is proven to be safe and effective.

Known Benefits of Laser Therapy:

  • Anti-Inflammatory (Decreased Swelling)
  • Analgesic (Decreased Pain)
  • Improved Cellular Healing & Growth
  • Improved Circulation To Area
  • Improving Cellular Metabolism (Cells function better)
  • Reduction of Scar Tissue and Improved Wound Healing
  • Improved Nerve Function
  • Improved Immune System to Area

P.S. Laser Therapy is Painless

A majority of patients treated report no sensation while receiving laser therapy. On the contrary, many patients with acute pain can start to recognize relief after the first or second treatment. Over 90% experience positive results after the 3rd treatment, with the average course of treatment being 6-10 sessions. These treatments usually only take on average 8 minutes, and are done 2-3 times per week.

The Laser Therapy effects are cumulative, therefore, improvement should be expected as you proceed through the treatments. Often by the 3rd or 4th treatments, swelling is reduces and pain is decreasing. Therefore acute conditions will usually subside quickly, typically within one phase of treatments. Chronic conditions, however, may require regular treatments to maintain the associated relief. It is therefore imperative that you get the full benefit of your treatments by completing the treatments recommended by your doctor or symptoms are likely to reoccur.


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