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Heel Pain In Children...Not Plantar Fasciitis!

Monday, October 30, 2023

"Pain is NEVER Normal!"

Did you know that heel pain (or even ankle pain) is a common problem in active kids that are still growing?  It is so common, that I see this usually at least once per week.  And if you were to watch a soccer game, a football game or a basketball game for children between the age of 9-16 (9-14 in girls, 11-16 in boys) there is a high probability that at least one of the children playing is having heel pain.  Is it your child?

If you notice your child start to limp during a game (or even at gymnastics or dance) and it seems to get worse as they go through the practice, game or meet, the most likely reason is Calcaneal Apophysitis or Severs Disease.

Calcaneal apophysitis is an inflammation of the growth plate that back of the heal.  It typically hurts like a broken foot and will get worse with increased exercise.  The reason it happens is because the Achilles tendon pulls on the growth plate causing irritation.  

Common treatments recommended by your doctor may be limiting activities, casting like a fracture or even crutches.  The problem is that none of these fix the problem. 

Our goal here at Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute is to keep the child active AND solve the problem!

This can be done by utilizing a simple plastic heel cup or custom orthotics.   In most cases you can return to regular activities (and even your sport) same day without limitations and usually without pain.  

Get them treated and help them continue to enjoy life...

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