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Can Peripheral Neuropathy Be A Blessing?

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Do you have peripheral neuropathy?

If you're like most people, peripheral neuropathy has become a big distraction, even possibly a disability in your life. It is keeping you from doing the things that you love.

But did you know that peripheral neuropathy can actually be a Huge Blessing if you look at it correctly?

Hello, I'm Dr. Brandt Gibson and one day when I was actually at the movie theater, I had my arm around my wife and I started getting severe pain. It was shooting down my arm. It got so severe, I couldn't even move my arm because it was so painful.  In fact, I had to reach over and move it with the other arm to take that pain away.

Although the pain was a problem, of course, the bigger problem was that I wanted to be able to hold my wife... cuddle with my wife and not have neuropathy interfere.  I love my wife. She's one of the most important things in my life.  So I was looking for solutions for my peripheral neuropathy.

As I was looking, I found that peripheral neuropathy actually became a BIG BLESSING in my life!

Now don't get me wrong. The pain was absolutely a problem and I had to find a way to resolve that, but in the meantime I found a couple different things that made it a blessing in my life: 

  • Improved Health:!  That in and of itself was a huge blessing. It it led to improved health because when I improved my health my pain was less.  In fact, it caused me to even eat betterNow I am not perfect at this and can do better, but eating better improves my symptoms and improves my peripheral neuropathy pain!  It also encouraged me to exercise. When I was exercising, I had significantly less pain. There were times when I was exercising when I had no pain, None At All
  • Recognize The Good Days: Even bigger, it's caused me to realize when I didn't have the pain, when I didn't have the symptoms, when I didn't have the associated limitations. And it became a way for me to recognize and be grateful for those good days, those good times.

Now, don't think that I'm saying, "Well, you've got peripheral neuropathy, you just need to change your attitude and life can be better."  That is both not fair and untrue!  

That being said, I want you to understand that the truth is, peripheral neuropathy Can Be Treated.

That's even a bigger blessing than these other things I learned.  More importantly, you can even find the cause of your nerve damage.  Over time, through finding that cause and managing and treating that cause, you can keep it from getting worse, and usually improve your symptoms. That is the bonus of direct treatment.

Don't minimize this information!  This information changed my life even more than finding those other blessings or finding that growth and progress that I made through recognizing each the benefits forced upon me as I worked to overcome my symptoms.

My goal for each of my patients... for you as well, is to share with them how you can find and treat the causes of peripheral neuropathy.  This is done through a special program, The Gibson Method, that I created over 20+ years of researching and working with neuropathy patients (and working with my personal neuropathy as well).

If you are interested, I invite you to join me at where I can give you additional information.  

Whether you choose to treat or not, I want you to realize:

  • Peripheral neuropathy can be treated.
  • Peripheral neuropathy will help you focus on those good days.
  • Peripheral neuropathy will also guide you to those life changing habits. The big reason is because of how they help you improve your symptoms like better health, more exercise, eating the way you're supposed to.

Good luck on getting control of  your life, but you can look for the blessings why you work on it!

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