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Build A Foundation of Healthy Nerves

Friday, October 27, 2023

"Health is the greatest wealth." - Greek Philosopher Thales of Miletus

Since peripheral neuropathy is a condition that I see on a regular basis (and suffer with myself), I have been constantly looking for treatments and management options. Through the 20+ years of research and treating patients, I have found a distinct pathway to improve peripheral neuropathy for MOST individuals.  But my big concern has always been, "Why doesn't it work for everyone?"

As I looked closer there were two distinct reasons why management of peripheral neuropathy was unsuccessful:

  • Not Following The Steps: In the past I have blamed this on "belief", but the truth is these steps will work even if you don't believe they will as long as you follow the steps exactly!  We have proven this time and time again that the framework is successful when implemented, but can be even quicker if you believe.
  • Poor Health Foundation: Peripheral neuropathy is caused by nerve damage.  This masterpiece of the human body has an intrinsic ability to heal, but requires the appropriate building materials.  Without a healthy foundation, the nerves can not be repaired.  Therefore, a poor health foundation will interfere with nerve healing and peripheral neuropathy management.

Although both of these could fill an entire chapter in a book, we will focus here primarily on #2.

This Peripheral Neuropathy Foundation consists of optimizing the health in your Body, Mind, and Cell.

To help you differentiate, Body Health consists of usually optimizing physical health including exercise, fluid intake and how you eat, but it also includes reducing risk factors for peripheral neuropathy and improving overall health (eliminate disease as much as possible). 

The second piece of this puzzle, Mind Health, consists of accessing the full power of the human mind.  This may include techniques as simple as prayer and meditation and as complex as self-hypnosis, visualization and peak performance.  I love this aspect of foundation as it can lead to success in many other aspects of your life, not just nerve health.

The third aspect, Cell Health, is creating the optimal environment for cellular health and repair.  It is based on reactivating DNA in the cells and often can produce more effective adult stem cells in the body.  Since stem cell therapy is still ineffective in treating peripheral neuropathy, optimizing the overall cellular health (including your personal adult stem cells) has a valuable benefit in neuron (the nerve cell) repair.

So, getting the appropriate foundation is not just necessary but imperative to your overall peripheral neuropathy journey! 

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