Rebekah with StaffHere at Mountain West Foot and Ankle Institute we help and treat people of all ages. We love all of our patients and want to provide the best care possible for all. This issue we decided to focus on the children that come to see us.

Rebekah is a new patient of ours and a very sweet, talented young girl. She was very brave and we are very proud of her :) Rebekah’s story told through her mom:

"One night Rebekah hurt her foot and went to the E.R. The E.R. doctor gave us a few names of doctors but the wait to be seen was at least a week with all of them. One main concern of my husband and myself with this injury, was that Bekah has been involved in an intense classical ballet training program. She dances on pointe shoes and absolutely loves ballet. Bekah's big worry was that she may not be able to dance in the nutcracker if her foot injury was too severe. We called Dr. Gibson’s office in the morning after the accident and were seen the same day we called - very impressive:) Bekah was not wanting to go back to the Dr.'s again, she had a rough and long night at the E.R. and was a little teary eyed and extremely nervous on the way over to the appointment. She didn't want to have her stitches looked at or touched, she didn't want to see her foot with the bandage off of it, she didn't want anyone to touch her foot. When she arrived at the office e veryone was very friendly and personable. We were taken back to the exam room and one of the nurses brought Bekah a treat basket and let her pick some goodies, which was a great idea because it took her mind off of her foot for a little while. Dr. Gibson came in shortly and was so kind. He laid Bekah's chair back so she wouldn't have to see her foot and was so gentle when he examined it. When he was done examining her injury he talked to Bekah and I about the two different options for recovery and we decided that surgery was the best option to help her have a full recovery. After the surgery Dr. Gibson's office called to see how Bekah was recovering at home and see if there was anything that they could do to help, they even had a box of cute cupcakes sent to her from ‘The Chocolate’ with a dancing card all signed by the staff. I can't say enough good about the great experience we had with Dr. Gibson and his staff, from the first time we met them through the last follow up vi sit. They were personable, cared a great amount about Bekah and very educated and knowledgeable about the best way to take care of her foot."

Interview with Rebekah:

"How did you hear of Mountain West Foot and Ankle Institute?"
"We first learned about Dr. Gibson many years ago from his Father. My dad had visited his office on a business visit and found that Dr. Gibson was one of the very best set up offices from a technical and modern technology perspective."

"When you found out you were going to have surgery were you nervous?"
"Yes, I was really scared, this is the first time I had to have surgery. I was mostly scared that I might not be able to dance again if my foot was not taken care of right away. Going to see the Dr. and have him look at my stitches and my toe made me really nervous also."

"Did they do anything to make it more enjoyable for you or ease your nerves?"
"Dr. Gibson and his staff made me feel good that my foot would heal and that surgery would help me get back to dancing as soon as possible. When Dr. Gibson looked at my foot and stitches he was soft and I left the office feeling good that I was going to be all right, all his nurses are so kind also. After I had the surgery I told my Mom that my visit to the E.R. was a lot harder than having the surgery to fix my tendon. I also had a delicious box of cupcakes sent to me from Dr. Gibson and his nurses that I didn't even have to share with my brother and sisters."

"What did you like most about your experience with Dr. Gibson’s office?"
"Everyone in the office was so nice and helpful. When I first went to Dr. Gibson's office they came to my exam room with treats for me and my mom. All the staff were so friendly and took a very personal interest in me and let me know they cared and wanted to see me dancing again real soon. When I went for my last visit following surgery all of the staff said to stay in touch with them as they can't wait to see me in my nutcracker performance later this year. That made me feel real good."

"Have you been able to return to your normal activities and have fun as a kid again?"
"I am completely back to doing all of the things I did prior to my accident with my foot. I am dancing again on pointe shoes and continue to run just as fast as I did before."