Why I Came To See Dr Gibson:

"I have had some problem with heel pain that has started about a year ago and has been significantly getting worse. So I have not been able to exercise and things as much as possible because of the pain standing up first thing in the morning and after sitting. Not being able to walk without limping.  And so I have tried icing and stretching.  I have slept with a dorsal night splint.  And all of those were helpful to a degree.  I also took ibuprofen for the pain when it was bad. And they were helpful to a degree, but the pain never went away and it continued to increase.  That's when I came to see Dr Gibson about what we could do about this because I am an active person and like to exercise and hike and things like that.  So it was significantly impacting my lifestyle.  So those are the things that I tried and didn't have much success with them." - Allison S.

How Does It Feel After The Mini-Plantar Fasciotomy?

"Actually it is feeling a lot better right now than it has in the past six months. I am four days out from surgery and I am able to stand on it, and walk on it.  And there is a little bit of tenderness, but it is not anything like it was before.  So, I am very happy so far with the results."  - Allison S.