When I started with this program I didn’t think anything would happen with it. I had no feeling in my feet and up to almost my knee in my left foot, and to my knee in my right. Since I’ve had these treatments I have improved immensely. It’s just done wonders for my legs. I’ve improved today by 25% in my left leg and at least 75% in my right leg…so to me that’s significant. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve felt the bottom of my feet. Now I can feel the bottoms of both feet almost everywhere, except my big toes. I must say that I am really impressed! For me to have improved this much in just these few treatments I am really impressed!

Before, I would have to leave the blankets off me and we would have to sleep in a warm bedroom, because my feet can’t get cold. If my feet get cold then the neuropathy pain would come on, but I couldn’t have socks on my feet and I couldn’t have sheets on my feet. Those type of things for some reason would bother me. I can feel the sheets now and it doesn’t bother me. I can touch them. I can have blankets on me. I love having the blankets on me!