My Feet Hurt! A Users Guide To Optimized Foot and Ankle Health


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Dr Gibson says, "First of all, foot or ankle pain is NOT normal. So, I created this resource. I wrote it for you. I also wrote it to help you clearly understand what is happening with your feet and to help you get a sense of the help that is awaiting you at a podiatrist’s office."

Get this FREE book, My Feet Hurt! A Users Guide To Optimized Foot & Ankle Health, and start today understanding and improving any foot or ankle complaints you may have. 

Foot or ankle pain and problems are common, but often you are unable to get the answers or solutions that you deserve through Emergency Rooms, Instacares or even your Primary Care Physicians.  This service is available through specialized and personalized foot and ankle care.   In fact, here at Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute in American Fork, Utah, we often treat your exact complaints or the exact complaints of your family member. 

What Is Bothering You At This Time?

Do your feet hurt?

Are you forced to put your feet up at the end of the day?

Has foot pain caused you to hate a job or activity you once enjoyed?

Does foot pain wake you at night?

You will also recieve additional information about:

  • Pain in the big toe joint
  • A bump or bone deformity at the big toe joint
  • The second toe overlaps the big toe
  • Other smaller toes that overlap each other
  • Your big toe is pushing your little toes out of place
  • The tops of your toes are red, sore and calloused
  • Your toes are buckled
  • The balls of your feet hurt when you stand all day
  • Your toes are arthritic and painful
  • Sharp stabbing pain in your toes
  • Shoes that hurt your toes

We created this FREE book for you. Through it you can gain the knowledge necessary to optimize what you were born with.


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