"How To STOP The Pain and Disability Of Peripheral Neuropathy" Masterclass

Overcoming Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

Since Peripheral Neuropathy “Pain” is the most common symptom that leads patients to the doctor, it is also the most common reason people are seeking treatment options for neuropathy.

Therefore, the next stage of treating Peripheral Neuropathy is helping individuals overcome or treat the pain and discomfort caused by Peripheral Neuropathy. Through this Stage, we will be going through four distinct steps to provide the best possible pathway to pain free life.

  • Identify the symptoms including type, frequency and extent of discomfort. This includes determining the amount of limitation that is happening in the life of the patient and how much discomfort could be tolerated and still have normal life.
  • Eliminate medications being used. This may seem counter-intuitive, but as we have already noted the medications don’t work and are typically not doing more than just decreasing the symptoms and ultimately are causing more problems (and in some cases are making the peripheral neuropathy worse). By getting the patient off the medications, it provides a better picture of the true Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms and limitations therefrom.
  • Provide proven treatment methods. Peripheral Neuropathy Pain treatments have changed drastically over the last 20 years. In fact, the newer treatments are both more effective and more comprehensive. These treatments include: (any or all can be utilized)
    • Nerve Re-education: Through a specialized treatment (Calmare) the nerves are reeducated to stop sending erroneous signals. This allows the brain and the nervous system to work together and interpret the signals correctly, eliminating the signal of pain unless it should be pain. This is a very effective treatment for overcoming nerve pain and returning normal sensation.
    • Nerve Reset: Through a series of specialized electrical stimulation of the nerves (Neurogenx) often with anesthetic injections to allow currents at higher levels, the nerves that are sending weak or slow signals to the brain can be repaired. This process is done by a simple process of depolarizing and repolarizing the nerves. In the right types of Peripheral Neuropathy, the pain is improved and the nerves start to have normal sensation through this treatment.
    • Nerve Repair: Since repair of a nerve is very complex because injury types and malfunction types are variable, at this stage the most common repair utilized to reduce or resolve nerve pain is a multi-frequency laser treatment (MLS Laser). Through this treatment the nerve cells are repaired even at the mitochondrial level and the Schwann Cells (myelin sheath of the nerve) can likewise be repaired. This treatment is very effective in most forms of Peripheral Neuropathy but requires “Improving The Health of The Nerve” as well.
    • Nerve Repression: Of all the treatments available, this is the oldest and most poorly utilized treatment option. Through proven techniques of meditation, relaxation and mind-body processes, the pain and discomfort from Peripheral Neuropathy can be reduced and even repressed completely. An individual effective at meditation and even prayer can gain complete control over the effect these symptoms have on their life. This is a more difficult treatment option and requires instruction and careful practice.
  • Eliminate the causes of nerve injury. A very important part of any method for overcoming nerve pain is to continue the process of treating Peripheral Neuropathy. Through the additional Stages of treatment, the nerves can be repaired and the disease processes managed such that the progression of the Peripheral Neuropathy and recurrent nerve injury can be slowed or eliminated. It is IMPERATIVE that a comprehensive process is put into place to ensure the treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy pain doesn’t need to happen constantly. As the nerves recover more through the process, the recurrent treatments will be less frequent.
Brandt R Gibson, DPM
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