What Is A Bunion?Bunion

A bunion is an enlargement or prominence of the bone or tissue at the base of the great toe.   This usually causes a bump to the inside of the foot that can rub on shoes, or interfere with walking (ambulation) or standing.  This occurs when the great toe begins to migrate towards the other toes.  Although it is not commonly caused by shoes, it may be exacerbated by abnormal ambulation patterns, tight/pointed shoe gear or injury to the feet.   It is also commonly seen in families, as it may be an inherited trait and is more common in women. Bunions may be without symptoms or may progress to severe pain that requires some form of treatment.

Other Conditions Similar To A Bunion

  • Hallux Limitus/Rigidus
  • Tailors Bunion (Bunionette)

Treatment Options For Bunions

  • Conservative Treatments - Often treatments can be done to reduce your pain and postpone or eliminate the need for surgery.  Here you will find multiple options that may help you treat the bunion pain.
  • Surgical Correction - When the pain is sufficient to interfere with life, it is recommended that surgery be considered.  Surgery doesn't have to be a long difficult process.  You will find surgical options that may allow you to stay active (at least semi-active) during the recovery process.
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