Curling toes, usually called hammertoes, are common.  Here at Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute, we see them on a regular basis.  But this is your feet, so we want to help you understand what this condition is and how it can be treated.  You do have options.

What Is A Hammertoe?hammer toe | mallet toe | hammertoe | claw toe | curly toes

Hammer toes are little toes that buckle or curl under. The curling can develop in any toe joint and may cause pain.  The most commonly affected joints are:

  • Mallet Toe - joint at end of toe (distal interphalangeal joint)
  • Hammer Toe - joint in middle of toe (proximal interphalangeal joint)
  • Hammer Toe - joint at ball of foot (metatarsal-phalangeal joint)
  • Claw Toe -  a combination of all joints

Over time, these toes may hurt, may produce corns or calluses on the toes or may limit ambulation and shoe gear.


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