As the father of 11 children, Dr Gibson has watched 11 children take their first steps and has a new small developing foot to watch.  He understands the excitement and joy that comes with that great moment.  He also understands the concerns that come with complaints of pain.  He has seen foot pain or even leg pain in his children.  He also commonly sees many problems encountered by children the come into his office.

"Pain is never normal," notes Dr. Gibson. Even so-called "growing pains" usually have a cause and can often be treated.  Let this father help you with concerns about your child's feet.


Common Concerns For Your Child

Are My Babies Feet Normal? 

My Active Child Has Heel Pain

My Child Walks or Runs Funny

My Child Has Ingrown Toenails

My Child Has Flat Feet or Flattens Out When Walking

My Child Has Warts

Can A Child Have A Bunion?

My Child Got Injured Playing Sports

My Child Broke Her Foot

My Child Won't Walk

Night Leg Pain Keeps Us Awake At Night

What Shoes Should My Child Wear?

Our goal has always been to keep your children active and to help eliminate any pain they may be encountering. 

We Optimize What They Were Born With!

Brandt R Gibson, DPM
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Podiatrist, Neuropathy Doctor, Father of 11 and Founder of Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute