Calmare Pain Therapy is an FDA approved, non-invasive treatment designed to reduce and often completely resolve the pain and discomfort caused by neuropathy. Studies are showing complete resolution of the neuropathy pain, as well as reduction or elimination of the need for narcotic pain medications and even nerve treatment medications such as Lyrica, Gabapentin, Amitriptyline and Cymbalta in at least 85% of individuals treated. The results are groundbreaking for neuropathy, with our initial test on 7 patients producing improvement in 100% of patients.  In our office since that time, it has worked on all but 2 individuals and worldwide it has been utilized to treat over 4,000 patients successfully. 

Why It Works: 

Peripheral Neuropathy pain (or even numbness causing discomfort) is a malfunction of the nerves, such that the signals being sent are interpreted incorrectly by the brain as pain, numbness, electrical shocks or other discomfort (Erroneous Signals). The cause of these incorrect signals is injured or broken nerve cells. Since they are sending signals that the brain doesn’t know how to interpret, they are instead seen as pain or discomfort. 

The Calmare system uses a proprietary sequence of electrical stimulation called “Scrambler Therapy” that is best described as a re-education of the nerves. Through this process, nerves are programmed to send detailed signals, that are then able to be recognized more correctly by the brain. Because the brain is then able to interpret signals for what they are, neuropathic pain and discomfort is reduced.

This re-education process of the nerves, takes several treatments (usually 5-10) to complete the resolution of symptoms. However, patients generally notice a decrease or elimination of pain when walking out of the first treatment. A patient's regular neuropathy symptoms return fully, hours after that initial treatment. But with each subsequent visit recurrence of symptoms decreases. Treatments are discontinued when pain and discomfort do not return.

Recommended Treatment Protocol:

The best treatment protocol is 10 treatments over 12 days (5 days, weekend off, 5 more days).To completely eliminate symptoms10 hour-long treatments are generally required, but extra may be needed in more difficult peripheral neuropathy cases.Treatment is discontinued when problematic symptoms are eliminated for at least 48 hours. When symptoms start to return, usually 1-2 treatments is enough to get back to where a patient was.

How Long Does It Last:

Re-education of a nerve to the brain is difficult, so relief after the first treatment can last anywhere from 20 minutes up to a couple of hours. Each additional treatment after, will produce more pain and symptom relief and expand the amount of time between the reoccurrence of symptoms.

Because neuropathy is progressive, no treatment is permanent. Calmare is likewise successful for a period of time before the pain and discomfort starts to recur. Current studies show recurrence as early as 2-3 months (after the first round of treatments), but in at least one individual the symptoms were absent for more than a year.    

REFRESH: When symptoms start to recur, a refresh may be required.  1-2 Treatments is often all that is needed to produce improvement after a patient notices painful symptoms starting to return.

Goals of Calmare Pain Therapy: 

  • To significantly reduce pain and discomfort caused by peripheral neuropathy. 
  • Eliminate the need for the use of pain medications, and nerve modifying medications (Lyrica, gabapentin, etc.) 
  • Return individuals to normal activities, without the associated pain or limitations usually caused by peripheral neuropathy.

Calmare treatments do not fix nerves, but can allow resolution of painful symptoms while nutrition and other mechanisms help repair injured nerves. By undergoing additional Gibson Method™ treatment options, including MLS Laser Therapy to instigate healing in the nerves, a Calmare Refresh is needed much less often.