"I don't want the peace that brings understanding, I want the understanding that brings peace."  -  Helen Keller

Dr Gibson has always felt that "greater understanding of your condition will lead to more personal responsibility for the healing process and help you return to normal activities more quickly."  So how can we help you return to the activities you love?

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  • How Can I Find the Right Running Shoe? American Fork Podiatrist Dr. Brandt Gibson treats running and triathlon injuries of the ankle and foot. Call 801-756-0765 to schedule an immediate appointment.
  • Choosing The Correct Soccer Boot Sports specific shoes are important in any sport, but in soccer (football outside the USA) the footwear can make a big difference. How to choose a boot...
  • How To Best Select An Exercise Shoe On a regular basis, we are asked to recommend a shoe by brand or even exact shoe by name. Although we are regularly looking for opportunities to educate people on the correct shoes for the particular activity, this question is notoriously difficulty to respond to. Just as every individual has feet that look and function differently, different shoes will fit and even function differently for different people. Therefore, instead of recommending a particular brand or shoe, Dr Gibson will provide the process for selecting a quality shoe: