When you step down barefoot, you feel a lump on the bottom of your foot.  You have numbness that extends to your toes.  You may even have significant pain in some shoes or when walking on your tile floors.  This is a common complaint, but is not normal.  As with all other pains in your feet, Pain is Never Normal.

The most common cause of this pain is an inflammation or enlargement of a digital nerve (nerve that supplies the toes) located to the bottom of the foot (plantar surface of the foot).  The symptoms are often commonly described as follows:

  • Growth on bottom of foot
    Feels like walking on a marble or rope
    Sensation of "clicking" when walking 
    Unable to walk on hard surfaces without pain
    Tight shoes increase the pain
    Numbness or burning to toes
    Cramping to ball of foot

These symptoms all present as a condition called a Neuroma or Morton's Neuroma.  The neuroma can usually be treated easily and rarely requires surgery to fix the problem.

Treatment Options For The Neuroma

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