Mild Pes Planus


The B Quad foot type is a mildly over-pronated foot type with the following features: 

  • Mildly inverted or vertical heel alignment.
  • Valgus or everted forefoot alignment.
  • Low to medium arch.
  • Pronation through Midstance and then resupinates in propulsion through the 1st and 2nd Metatarsal. 
  • May be found unilateral and may be associated with a structural leg length discrepancy.
  • Calluses may form to the 1st metatarsal and 2nd metatarsal. 
  • Approximate presentation in US population is 7%.

The Quad B foot-type is a rarely occurring combined foot deformity, that is a mildly over-pronated foot due to a compensated rearfoot varus deformity, but the over pronation is deterred or minimized by a forefoot valgus deformity.

CHILD PRESENTATION:  Usually presents as an intoeing or leg length discrepency gait. Not very common.

WALKING PATTERN: Walks pigeon-toed (toes turned in) or the feet point relatively straght ahead with a narrow base of support like a tightrope walker. 


  • Plantarflexed or Hypermobile 1st Ray.
  • Neuromas
  • Sesamoiditis
  • Heel Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • May occur with leg length discrepancies

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