Peripheral Neuropathy, especially in the patient with diabetes, is becoming more common.  Pain associated includes numbness, tingling, electrical shocks, stabbing or shooting pains and can be debilitating.  For years people have been told consistently that no treatments are available.  In truth, however, this is becoming less common.  In fact prescription medications are becoming less of the option and "alternative" treatments are becoming more common.  These treatments include the use of essential oils, herbal formulations and nutritional supplements.  We will discuss one of these options here:

L-Carnitine An Essential Amino Acid For Neuropathy

L-Carnitine BottleOne such supplement that has continued to have positive findings in the literature is carnitine or L-Carnitine (the active form).  Since this is an amino acid, it can be found in the body and comes from various foods such as dairy products, meats and avacados but is often not in the body at sufficient levels. 

In neuropathy, espeically diabetic peripheral neuropathy, this supplement has been shown to improve nerve function, decrease pain associated, increase blood circulation to the hands and feet and has been recognized to regerate neuropathic nerves.  Due to this positve effect, it is recommended that any neuropathic patient (especially with discomfort or pain related symptoms) add a supplement for L-Carnitine to their daily intact. If you have neuropathy, this should be considered with your doctor as a possible supplement.

Recommended Daily Dose:  L-Carnitine 500mg - 1000mg a day
(Our recommendation is 500mg twice a day)


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