DrGibson Ultrasound Achilles Tendon

Utilizing technology to provide the highest care, the best treatment modalities and a patient friendly, education rich environment.

Together with you, we can produce the results that you desire as we optimize your abilities of locomotion.

Digital X-ray:

X-ray ViewUtilizing an onsite computerized X-ray system allows definite patient care advantages. Radiation exposure is decreased secondary to phosphorus plate technology instead of standard X-ray film. Developing speed is increased to 1 minute as opposed to 10 - 15 minutes per film for standard films. Contrast can be adjusted permitting better visualization of soft tissues and bone both for the physician and for the patient. Capabilities, including marking to provide better patient understanding and visualization of abnormalities. Printable, email versions or CD copies available for patients or referring physicians, without the storage difficulty of standard films. This technology is one of the keys to patient education, that you can truly understand your current conditions.

Integrated Ultrasound:

Ultrasound Plantar FasciaX-ray is invaluable in visualization of bone abnormal-ities, but soft tissue abnormal-ities, or even small stress fractures in bone are not easily visualized through X-ray technology. Ultrasound provides a specialized modality for visualization of tendons, ligaments, soft tissue and foreign bodies ensuring more accurate diagnosis and treatments. The technology is integrated to allow patient visualization during the study, with the physician providing education on what is seen. Many conditions that were diagnosed previously with exam alone, can now be visualized by the physician and shown to the patient through ultrasound technology. Yet another key to patient education.

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