With the growth of soccer popularity in the United States, over 18 million Americans are now playing soccer. Of this number, around 80% are under the age of 18.  Whether the participation is at city or recreation level, at competition or club level, or even at high school or collegiate level, injuries involving the lower extremities are quite common.  In fact, many studies show a higher injury rate in soccer than many other sports (including rugby, badminton, fencing, basketball, cycling, judo, boxing, swimming, volleyball, handball and basketball).

Of the common injuries in soccer, there is also a injury prevelance by body part also:  (This excludes goalies, of course, because they get kicked, stepped on, punched, etc.  As the father of a keeper, I have seen it all!)

  1. Ankle
  2. Knee (especially in female players)
  3. Head/Face (including concussions)
  4. Thigh/Upper Leg

We will focus here on the lower leg and ankle injuries (including the foot) as these are very commonly seen in our American Fork, Utah podiatry practice.

Treatments for each of these injuries is possible, and can often lead to continued play without limitations (sometimes requiring a recovery period).  Failure to treat these injuries could also lead to long-term problems or greater limitations.

One Side Note:  The best way to avoid sports related injuries is wearing proper shoegear for the activity.  Proper shoegear or the correct soccer boot is strongly recommended to limit soccer injuries.


Brandt R Gibson, DPM
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