"I don't want the peace that brings understanding, I want the understanding that brings peace."  -  Helen Keller​

Dr. Gibson has always felt that "greater understanding of your condition will lead to more personal responsibility for the healing process and help you return to normal activities more quickly."  So how can we help you return to the activities you love?
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  • The Peripheral Nerve Fiber Types Nerve fibers consist of multiple nerve types.
  • Is My Toenail Ingrown? As summer finally gets into full swing, more and more people are seen wearing flip flops as they walk around neighborhoods, go shopping in stores, even attend amusement parks. Flip flops are purchased to match that dress, or to attend your local business, or even church meetings. People swear by the comfort (and freedom) of a flip flop, but should these simple sandals be utilized as a shoe outside of pools or beaches?
  • How Nature Helps Your Bones Heal More Quickly Bone healing is like a dance that must be carefully orchestrated by the body to ensure proper healing. Every you do during the healing process can either help or hurt the healing of the bone.
  • Do You Need An Appointment? Pain is never normal...Request an appointment to be seen at Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute for specialized foot and ankle care.
  • Registration Forms Patient Registration Forms and HIPPA Forms
  • Taking Care of Your Feet When Dancing En Pointe One of the most beautiful forms of motion is dance. The choreographed movement to music using the human body can't be equaled by any other forms of motion. It is for this reason that artistic motion is described as a "dance" even in other athletic events. One of the key pieces to the beauty of the ballet dancer is the pointe shoe. Being en pointe is therefore a rite of passage and a moment that a dancer looks forward to the most in their dance career. If done correctly, pointe can also be the most rewarding form of ballet dancing for the dancer and the observer. In hopes of facilitating the correct progression to pointe, we have created this report answering some common questions.
  • Why Simple Heel Pain Should Never Go Untreated As the heel pain is treated, resolved and prevented other problems can also be prevented in the future.
  • Neurogenx: Revolutionary Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy Finally an option to both treat and improve Neuropathy. A description of Neuorogenx- an advanced electroanalgesic medical device that has been used to improve Peripheral Neuropathy in over 87% of patients treated. As the first carrier of this treatment in Utah, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about this technology.
  • Why Gait Analysis is Valuable to You Unlike standing on a platform at the store that reads the pressure areas of your foot to provide an insert or even unlike the “specialized” evaluation at a running store to place you in a motion control or neutral shoe, gait analysis is a much more specialized process.
  • Specialized Foot Typing (F) Are your feet flat? Do you over pronate? Severe Pes Planovalgus is a foot condition that can be evaluated and treated to improve foot function and stop pain