Many patients come in to our office with corns and calluses that become troubling.  It can be annoying to have to have them treated over and over, and patients wonder if corns and calluses can be permanently removed.  

What you need to understand is that corns and calluses aren't necessarily deformities; they are the skin's natural response to pressure.  If pressure or rubbing occurs, the skin gets worn and blisters.  In a less severe case, a callus is formed.  It protects the underlying skin from being damaged.

What can you do then to avoid having to rush back to the podiatrist every time a corn or callus becomes painful?

-Wear more supportive shoes. The pressure points created by improper shoes can create corns and calluses.

-Remove the pressure points through padding. Wearing padding on affected areas can decrease pressure points.

-Have the underlying conditions treated. If you have a structural foot problem, you will likely experience abnormal pressure points that lead to the creation of corns and calluses.  Getting those conditions treated will stop the chain reaction of corn and callus formation. Oval shaped callus padCallus

Brandt R Gibson, DPM
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