The most frequent source of heel pain in children between the ages of 7 and 16, cauldron is Calcaneal Apophysitis. It is caused by an inflammation of the apophysis (growth plate) in the back of the heel due to Achilles tendon pull on the bone in the area of the growth plate with activity. This condition is most often seen in children who participate in athletics and has been seen in our office in everything from dance and gymnastics to basketball, baseball, football and soccer. This used to be only seen in boys and only in soccer, but as stated above, we are seeing it in all physical related activities. With this condition pain is usually felt at the back and side of the heel bone, bottom of the heel or even in the ankle. Pain usually worsens when the heel bone is squeezed or when the child is running or jumping. It causes a significant limp and may even feel like a broken foot or ankle. Podiatrists are trained to treat patients of all ages and it is important to have your child examined if they are complaining of heel pain or limping. The goal of treatment for this condition is to eliminate pain while keeping the child active.
Brandt R Gibson, DPM
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