1. Treat blisters immediately as they form.  Popping blisters can relieve pain and pressure and keep it small.  You don’t want the blister to pop inside your shoe.  To pop a blister:
    1. Clean the area thoroughly with soap and water.
    2. Disinfect the needle with rubbing alcohol.
    3. Insert the needle at the base of the blister.  This will leave a protective covering on the vulnerable spot and reduce chances of infection.
    4. Allow the fluid to drain, applying slight pressure to help the fluid flow out.
    5. Apply a bandaid or moleskin to the area to reduce the rubbing that created the blister.
  2. Tape the toes or using moleskin patches can help to protect them from rubbing inside the shoe.
  3. Keep toenails trimmed short and straight across.
  4. Some dancer will use gel or lamb’s wool padding in their pointe shoes, but others feel it may interfere with the feel of the shoe.
Brandt R Gibson, DPM
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