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What Questions Do You Have?

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  • How do you fit pointe shoes?

    If this is your first pair of pointe shoes, going into a  dance store or studio is often the best way to make sure you get the proper fit and the right shoes for your needs. Here are some guidelines that will help you find the right shoe:

    1. Toes should lie flat in the shoe (they shouldn't overlap)
    2. Just the big toe should touch the top of the box when you stand.  If it doesn’t touch, the shoe is to long, if all your toes touch the box, the shoe is too short. (If all toes slide down and touch only when en pointe, the shoe is too big.)
    3. The shoe should have strong shank.  The shank of the shoe will assist in supporting dancing en pointe, especially if you have a very flexible arch.
    4. If you can slip a finger between your foot and the drawstring, the shoe is too wide.
    5. Flex your foot.  If your heel is pinched painfully, the shoe is too tight.

  • Is Proper Shoe Sizing Important?

    On a regular basis, we are asked if tight shoes or wearing shoes too small can cause foot problems. 
    Chinese Bound Feet Problems
    Dr Gibson has always said that shoe size will not cause foot problems, but will make problems you have a tendency for worse.  In saying that, however, significant shoe size will cause problems.  The best example of this is strapping of the feet in China to make the feet smaller.  Severe problems exist in the feet in these cases.

    Shoe size, therefore, can cause similar problems if not correctly fitted to the feet.  Even slightly tighter shoes can predispose a foot to bunion, neuromas, hammertoes, injury to nails, corns and calluses and other foor or ankle problems. 

    Our recommendation is to have a properly fitted shoe that is appropriate for whatever activity you will be participating in.

  • Why Did My Shoe Size Change During Pregnancy?

    It is not your imagination, nor is the swelling after pregnancy the reason for shoe size changes.  In fact, the same hormone changes that occur to allow birth of a child (loosening of the ligaments in the pelvis) can also cause lengthening of the feet usually upto 1 shoe size.  As the ligaments of the feet relax from the hormone, the foot will flatten out and lengthen slightly.   This increased length causes a change in shoe size that usually doesn't return to previous size.  Sorry, but this change is usually permanent. 

    Good news is, however, that the shoe size doesn't continue to change every pregnancy, so additional births usually don't cause additional size change.

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