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Podiatrist, Neuropathy Doctor, Father of 11 and Founder of Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute
I have run for many years, and now am getting back into running with my metatarsal fracture healed.  I have missed running significantly and can't wait to get back to the previous level of activity.  With this new insight, I wanted to look at some of the reasons people run.

- Exercise:  Putting your body through the rigorous activity of a run, you heart rate is increased, the lungs increase in capacity, the blood flow improves to the legs and feet (let alone the brain) and muscle gain strength.  A positive side-effect of this activity is improved health and higher metabolism (which often leads to weight loss).  This is a great reason to run.

- Weight-loss/Health:  Similar to exercise above, this is a valid reason and an effective way to lose weight.  Combined with a healthy diet, it is very effective at changing your body composition to a more healthy state.

- Training:  Many people create goals of runninig a 5K, a 10K, a half marathon or even a marthon in their lifetime.  Others are running with friends for different races that function as a relay format (see Wasatch Back, a relay style race I am participating in this next year).

These are the most common reasons people run, but some run for charity reasons or to help others.  Over the last little while, I have found some unique and inspirational reasons people are running:

Team Hoyt:   This is a story of an inspirational father who runs for his son....

Gumpathon:   Six marines from the US and British troops run from New York to California in hopes of raising money for wounded veterans.  So this is a great example of running even if you hate it.

Triple amputee Marine Mark Ormrod was the inspiration for the Gumpathon, and ran at least 1 mile every day during the trek.

See the Gumpathon Blog or donate to the cause.

So why do you run?   Whatever your reason, you should be able to continue without problems, without injury and without difficulty.
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