Brandt R Gibson, DPM
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Podiatrist, Neuropathy Doctor, Father of 11 and Founder of Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute
The goals of the Neuropathy Awareness Week include:
  • Ensure an early and accurate diagnosis and treatments by working with expert health care professionals to prevent and/or minimize progression of neuropathy and its complications;
  • Acknowledge the unique challenges the neuropathy community faces;
  • Inform the public about the resources that do exist for neuropathy patients and the community in general

As part of this process and this week, it is important to remind individuals with peripheral neuropathy (no matter the cause of the neuropathy) to be evaluated and get a treatment plan to help improve the syptoms of neuropathy and possibly improve the neuropathy itself.  Peripheral neuropathy is a very problematic issue and can interfere with the simple act of walking, working or even playing. 
Don't allow this problem to continue to limit your ability to have a happy, healthy, active life.
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