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Podiatrist, Neuropathy Doctor, Father of 11 and Founder of Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute



Diabetes mellitus and neuropathy are two very common diseases in the United States, and the two often come together.  Some doctors do not offer any solutions to diabetics for managing their neuropathy.  There are two reasons it's particularly important to manage neuropathy among diabetics:

Exercise- Neuropathy can make exercising on feet very painful.  It can be dangerous though, when diabetics can't feel their feet.  This can cause poor balance, and falls become much more likely.  It can also cause wounds.

Diabetic wounds- Wounds can be very slow-healing in diabetics, and when diabetics can't feel their feet, wounds can go unnoticed until they have progressed into a major problem.


We have a lot of treatment options for peripheral neuropathy available at Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute.   We use topical medications, oral neuropathy medications, oral supplements, oral pain killers, LASER therapies, alternative treatment and other treatments. Patients who undergo The Gibson Method for neuropathy testing will have comprehensive options based on their case. One new treatement we have found to be very effective is Neruogenx. Neurogenx is a treatment that has consistently been proven effective at reducing pain and increasing sensation in those with peripheral neuropathy. Our goal is to always be on top of up and coming treatments for neuropathy.  Not every case of neuropahy can be solved with a simple supplement, but we can improve the condition and symptoms in nearly all patients.

If you'd like to be evaluated for this treatement or learn more about the nation-wide Gibson Method of neuropathy treatment, call our office.


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