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Glenn Beck, the conservative talk show host, was recently evaluated in Utah to rule-out cancer.  Through the process of MRI, CT and lab testing at Huntsman Cancer Institute, he was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy.  Although this is not good news, it is usually considered better than cancer. 

Neuropathy will typically present to numbness, tingling, electrical shocks or even stabbing pain.  This pain is usually worse at night and can keep people from sleeping.  It has multiple causes, of which diabetes is one, but in Glenn Beck's case alcoholism could be the cause according to articles.  

We see people on a regular basis with neuropathy, both diabetic and non-diabetic presentations.  So now that he has this diagnosis he should be looking for treatment options.  These options could include nerve medications to decrease symptoms or multiple new options to improve neuropathy (not just treat the symptoms).  Treatment options are usually quite successful and should be considered by anyone suffering from neuropathy symptoms.

Glenn Beck Thanks for these Neuropathy...Can you tell me in explain about MRI, CT tests.... .
by peripheral neuropathy November 13, 2010 at 03:19 AM
Sad news about Glenn Beck, but at least he doesn't have anything life threatening! Many of my patients do very well using Neuremedy ( help treat the symptoms of neuropathy. It is a medical food and often decreases the symptoms by over 50%! If anyone has the symptoms of neuropathy, they should see a podiatrist to discuss treatments!
by Dr Marybeth Crane October 26, 2010 at 08:35 PM
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