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Keeping Your Feet Healthy Through Education

As a society, we are constantly on our feet.  Whether the issues are caused by life expectancy increase, heavier body weight or the fact that we are trying to become more active, our feet are becoming more important to us every day.  Children are competing in athletics at a higher levels. People are living longer. Weight gain in adults and children are more problematic.  Foot and ankle complaints and concerns are touching every life and every family.  As a foot & ankle specialist, Dr Gibson sees these problems on a regular basis and can provide key insights into these concerns.  He also enjoys blogging about these common concerns.

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  • High Arch Pain People often talk about how flat feet lead to foot problems, but what many don’t know is that high arches can actually cause more serious issues than flat feet. If someone has high arches, chances are they were born with them. However, sometimes this causes the foot to not bend as easily. This can make running and walking more difficult and sometimes even painful.
  • 10 Fingers and Toes: Making Sure Your Newborn's Feet are Healthy A new baby always brings excitement into a home, along with a great amount of joy, less sleep and new stresses. This is definitely something that Dr. Gibson understands, being the father of 11 children. He understands they bring into the home and also the added responsibility and worry.
  • Flip Flops Not Just For The Beach Anymore? As summer finally gets into full swing, more and more people are seen wearing flip flops as they walk around neighborhoods, go shopping in stores, even attend amusement parks. Flip flops are purchased to match that dress, or to attend your local business, or even church meetings. People swear by the comfort (and freedom) of a flip flop, but should these simple sandals be utilized as a shoe outside of pools or beaches?
  • Foot Care When Camping Camping is awesome, but can present some challenges. Here are some tips to make sure your feet are safe and comfortable on your next camping trip. Follow these instructions for best results!
  • Should You be Worried About How Your Child Walks? As a parent you notice when your child isn't themselves. If your child is walking funny you wonder what is wrong. Here are some tips to help you decide whether not it is something you should worry about.
  • Why Should I Get a Gait Analysis Exam? A podiatrist's many years of training can be very beneficial to you in the most important area for your feet: the way you walk.
  • Decoding Insurance Do you have questions about how your insurance will work in our office? Don't worry, because our office calls your insurance company for you to get your explanation of benefits.
  • What to Do for Sweaty Feet A lot of our patients have sweaty feet, but it's not something you just have to "deal with." One thing we commonly recommend...
  • Turf toe Sports injuries
  • Cold Feet Reasons and treatments for cold feet
  • Charcot Foot Charcot foot phases, results and treatment.
  • Heel Pain During Pregnancy If you have heel pain during pregnancy, you're not alone. Know what your options are.
  • Neuropathy and Diabetes Often, diabetics with neuropathy aren't given any options to manage their condition. At our office, that is not the case.
  • Foot Pain in the Morning Many patients come in wondering why the first few steps in the morning are so painful.
  • Free Pediatric Orthotics Program Learn about Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute's Free Pediatric Orthotics Program.
  • Pedicure Tips Tips for a healthy pedicure! Follow these recommendations from the APMA to make sure your pedicure doesn't cause injury or infection.
  • How to Shine Shoes The Art of Shining Shoes-- From The Art of Manliness

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