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At BYU (Brigham Young University), a player known as Jimmer has become a national phenomenon.  In fact, he is a regular on ESPN, has music videos created about him, has been tweeted and shared all over cyberspace due to his special year.  People look at this young man and wonder what his secret is.  Are shoes the reason he is so successful?  No, but in fairness quality shoes can protect a player of his ability.

Things That Could Stop His (or Your) Success
1. Injury -- On a regular basis, we have found that a good quality shoe can reduce the chance of injury whether ankle sprain, toe injury or even nail injury.

2. Fatigue -- When your feet hurt your whole body hurts!  This is just as true in sports as your feet get sore or tired and cause you to run, jump or even walk differently.  As you wear a quality shoe that supports the foot, the fatigue is significantly reduced and you are able to play longer with better results.

3. Falls or Slips -- Without sufficient traction on the court, no shooter (not even Jimmer) could make shots.  A quality shoe provides the necessary traction to create the necessary stability to shoot his 30 or even 40 foot jumper.

Now although the real success of a player like Jimmer consists of talent, lots of practice, hard work and good nutrition, adding a quality footwear can reduce the chance of injury, fatigue or missteps that would keep you from success.  I am not a premier athlete, but I carefully choose shoes to ensure I can perform at my best. 

You Too Can Choose Good Shoes For Exercise. 
I've often had debated with myself whether higher quality shoes really made a difference. Thanks for shedding light on the topic.
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