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As a society, we are constantly on our feet.  Whether the issues are caused by life expectancy increase, heavier body weight or the fact that we are trying to become more active, our feet are becoming more important to us every day.  Children are competing in athletics at a higher levels. People are living longer. Weight gain in adults and children are more problematic.  Foot and ankle complaints and concerns are touching every life and every family.  As a foot & ankle specialist, Dr Gibson sees these problems on a regular basis and can provide key insights into these concerns.  He also enjoys blogging about these common concerns.

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  • Dancing With The Stars Jennifer Gray Had Neuroma Surgery, Should I? Reigning champion Jennifer Grey of Dancing With The Stars, reports foot surgery for a "neuroma". Throughout her performance on Dancing With The Stars, she reports increased pain to an inflamed nerve in her foot that "got pressure from the bones" and just kept hurting. The pain got bad enough to cause her major discomfort. She therefore underwent surgery and had it removed.
  • Foot Injury In Basketball May Led To Surgery After loss to Utah Jazz, Bucks' Jennings out 4 to 6 weeks with foot injury. Fifth metatarsal fracture was surgically repaired after he was only able to play one half against the Utah Jazz.