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Podiatrist, Neuropathy Doctor, Father of 11 and Founder of Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute
As a soccer coach, soccer dad and a player (sometimes) of soccer, I have seen people walk to the field in flip flops, barefoot or even slippers.  They switch to the soccer boot (or cleat) and play, then switch back.  This is similarly the case for basketball players, many runners, dancers (especially ballet), skiers, ice skaters and almost any other sport with specialized shoes.  Many protect their sports specific shoe by utilizing it only during the sport and switching to another shoe before and after.  For years there have not been any great options, so people either slip into flip flops, walk barefoot to their vehicle or use many other unsupportive shoes.  This time is important to protecting your feet.

Specialized Athletic Recovery ShoesWhether the reason is to protect the sports specific shoe or switch out "tired" feet after a sport, the shoe selection is often more important than many think.  I recently tried a new shoe, the Todi Original from Todi USA and have found a unique option.  As I have allowed the shoe to conform to my feet, I have noticed some valuable features that would make this shoe a great options for athletes:

1.  Slip On Shoe:  One of the big problems people have is finding a supportive shoe that they can put on easily after removing their sports shoe.  This is the reason for a flip flop or slipper.  The Todi Original  fits firmly as a slip on and can easily be switched out for the sports specific shoe.

2. Supportive Shoe:  Going from a specialized sports shoe to something with llittle or no support can be a problem.  In fact, the foot that has been worked through dance, soccer, running or other physical activity will usually be more comfortable in a supportive shoe.  I often switch from my running shoe to a supportive shoe like the Todi Original.  I am impressed with the support that is provided to a "tired" foot with the unique cork insole that molds to my feet. 

3.  Molding Insole:  The cork insole molds to the foot over a 2-3 day period.  I have a flat foot that can be uncomfortable in many "supportive" shoes because of increased arch pressure or poorly fitting shoes.  This insole molded to my foot and provided valuable comfort between activities.

4. High Quality Material:  I was also impressed with the quality of the shoe construction material.  We spend large amounts of money on athletic shoes, and should have the same quality of "recovery" shoe.  The Todi Original  fits this definition and is working well for me.

I have now decided that the Todi Original  will be a peice of my exercise equipment.  It will be the shoe that is worn after running a marathon, before and after a soccer game and maybe just to walk around the house.  I recommend these shoes for that purpose.
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