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Podiatrist, Neuropathy Doctor, Father of 11 and Founder of Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute
Ankle injuries are quite common in any sport, but the injury that Iona Pritchard suffered, a broken lean and a dislocated ankle, are not as common.  This was a season-ending injury and will require surgery in his case.  Everyone understands what a broken leg or even a broken ankle is, but what is a dislocated ankle?

A Dislocated Ankle

In rare situations we see a condition where the ankle is dislocated.  To understand this injury, you must first understand the anatomy of an ankle.  The ankle is made up of 3 bones: the fibula, the tibia and the talus.  These three bones are in a designed alignment that allows ankle motion.  When one or all the bones are injured or broken, this alignment is disrupted and interferes with healing.  But breaks are not necessary to have the ankle partially dislocated.  In some instances (such as a high ankle sprain) the ligaments are injured and the bones seperate, allowing abnormal motion or partial dislocation of the ankle.  If not treated correctly, this can become a chronic problem with chronic ankle pain and swelling. 

Treatment Options

  • Treatment of Fractures or Sprains
  • Casting in corrected position
  • Custom Ankle Brace to support ankle in new position
  • Surgical Repair of High Ankle Sprain
  • Surgical Realignment and Tightening of Ligaments

Although multiple options are available, often surgical repair is required especially in high level athletes or people who want to stay active...
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