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Podiatrist, Neuropathy Doctor, Father of 11 and Founder of Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute
Dancing With The Stars champion Jennifer Grey underwent neuroma surgery after having severe pain while performing.  She described her pain as increasing throughout Dancing With The Stars and it finally needed to be treated.  Grey even joked, "I had a neuroma the size of a small city removed, i think i went down a shoe size on one foot."   The Dirty Dancing star did surgery to fix her foot pain, should you do the same?

Neuroma:  A neuroma is an inflamed nerve at the "ball of the foot" that extends into the toes.  As the bones press on the nerve, it becomes increasingly painful, swollen and may cause numbness, severe pain, tingling or even shocks to the toes.  It may even feel like a ball or marble under the foot when walking barefoot.  The pain often continues to increase without treatment and can be severe.

Although surgery is always an option, other options exist.  Some treatments include changing shoes, padding (including specialized metatarsal pads), ice massage, biofreeze, cortisone shots, shoe inserts (especially specialized orthotics) and anti-inflammatory medications.  I recommend undergoing some of these treatments prior to undergoing surgery.  Surgery can, however, be done and includes removal of the inflammed nerve and resolution of the pain. 

May Jennifer Grey recover quickly and get back to dancing!
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