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Podiatrist, Neuropathy Doctor, Father of 11 and Founder of Mountain West Foot & Ankle Institute

Quite commonly I walk between soccer games, through a store or even a church and see people walking lilke they are in pain.  I constantly see patients with knee pain, hip pain, back pain and even neck pain that can be traced to their feet.   For this reason I recommend people be evaluated on a regular basis to evaluate how they are walking, and more importantly how everything is working together.

What I Am Looking For:

1. Leg Length Discrepencies:  If one leg is shorter than another, the feet and legs will adjust to try and make everything even.  This includes supinating the longer leg and pronating the shorter leg.  This can cause ankle, knee or back pain. 
          -  This can often be helped with the simple addition of a heel lift or may even require orthotics.

2. Over Pronation:  With pronation (flattening of the arch), leg pain can also be caused and possibly similarly lead to back pain.  Severe over pronation causes injury to the posterior tibial tendon and causes ankle weakness.
           -  This often requires ankle braces, custom ankle braces or orthotics.

3.  Over Supination:  Many of us hear about pronation, but supination can be as much of a problem.  Supination is rolling to the outside of the foot and often causes increased arch height.  This may lead to ankle pain, stress fractures to the foot or chronic ankle sprains.  As injury occurs, the walking pattern will be changed again and lead to leg and back pain also.
            - This may require orthotics also.

If you are having back pain, have you looked at your feet?  By evaluating how you walk and run, you may be able to modify this pattern through custom orthotics and resolve your pain.  Let's optimize what you were born with!

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