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As a society, we are constantly on our feet.  Whether the issues are caused by life expectancy increase, heavier body weight or the fact that we are trying to become more active, our feet are becoming more important to us every day.  Children are competing in athletics at a higher levels. People are living longer. Weight gain in adults and children are more problematic.  Foot and ankle complaints and concerns are touching every life and every family.  As a foot & ankle specialist, Dr Gibson sees these problems on a regular basis and can provide key insights into these concerns.  He also enjoys blogging about these common concerns.

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  • Why Did I Get Shin Splints? Does the front of your leg hurt when you run? It could be shin splints! Call Utah Podiatrist Brandt Gibson at 801-756-0765 for an immediate consultation!
  • Back Pain Caused By Your Feet Since the feet are attached to the legs and the legs attached to the trunk and back, it is very common to have knee pain, hip pain and even back pain from abnormalities of the feet. If you have pain even above the feet, it is recommended to evaluate how you walk and how your feet function.