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Do you have numbness, tingling, or shooting pain to your feet? Do you have foot pain at night?

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Do you have numbness, tingling, or shooting pain to your feet? Do you have foot pain at night?

Why are my feet numb?
Am I diabetic?
Is it a circulation problem?
It seems to be getting worse, is that possible?

These and many other questions are commonly encountered in our office. These symptoms often present in a condition called neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy.

Neuropathy can be a complex problem with multiple possible causes including diabetes, AIDS or HIV, toxins and metallic poisons, certain chemicals, alcoholism, vitamin deficiencies or nutritional imbalances, it may also occur from systemic diseases (kidney failure, liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis, abnormal blood proteins, cancer especially with chemotherapy, leukemia and shingles). Entrapment may also lead to the symptoms of neuropathy. One key to understanding and treating your neuropathy is to understand the cause.

Neuropathy symptoms can present as either pain related symptoms or loss of function.  Of these the most common symptoms often present in several ways or even a combination of these:

  • Numbness or Tingling
  • Electric Shocks
  • Shooting Pain
  • Stabbing Pain
  • Burning Pain

To better illustrate how these symptoms are a continuum from normal sensation to absence of sensation, the following graph is utilized.  Although this is not completely accurate due to varying nerve involvement and individual interpretation of pain and discomfort, it allows individuals to graph their current pain location and understand the daily variance (or the increased pain with some treatments as the neuropathy improves).

peripheral neuropathy, numbness, tingling, pain, foot, shocks, stabbing

Through proper evaluation, treatments can be initiated to alleviate symptoms and possibly even improve neuropathy. Neuropathy options are progressing rapidly and will continue to progress over the next several years. If someone tells you that nothing can be done, they are not staying abreast of current treatment options. Pain is never normal whether caused by neuropathy or some other cause.

Causes of Neuropathy
Painful Neuropathy Symptoms
Loss Of Function From Neuropathy

Symptoms Related To Type Of Nerve Injured
Treatment Options For Neuropathy


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  • Another Clue Nutrition Can Help Neuropathy

    Description: A new study found a link between a key protein and peripheral neuropathy. These findings are consistent with possible causes related to failure of nutrition...

  • Fibromyalgia May Be A Form Of Neuropathy

    Description: Fibromyalgia has been a difficult disease, but it may have some light at the end of the tunnel as a small study finds peripheral neuropathy links.

  • Exercise Is A Valuable Treatment For Peripheral Neuropathy

    Description: Dr Gibson has found exercise to be a valuable option for improving the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. In fact, he has tried it himself with good results.

  • "I Keep Tripping Over My Feet. Is This Peripheral Neuropathy?"

    Description: As you lose the sensation in your feet (peripheral neuropathy), you will have less balance and may even trip over your own feet. This is a common symptom...

  • Neuropathy Awareness Week

    Description: May 14-18 is Neuropathy Awareness Week. As part of this week, we want to recognize the many patients we see in neuropathy and offer some key insights.

  • Infectious Peripheral Neuropathy A Valid Cause...

    Description: Many causes are being found for peripheral neuropathy, but a less commonly discussed cause is any type of infection. Dr Gibson discusses this causative agent....

  • Many Medications Linked To Peripheral Neuropathy

    Description: Many medications have had toxic effects that may lead to neuropathy. A new page on our website now discusses this possibility and the associated medications.

  • Why Mitochondria Are Important To Neuropathy

    Description: Many studies have implicated mitochondria as causing peripheral neuropathy. Why is this information important to you? Many treatment options depend on this...

  • Taking Vitamin D Supplementation May Prevent Neuropathy

    Description: In a recent study, Vitamin D was found to correlate directly with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. With all the benefits of vitamin D, should you supplement?

  • Gluten Intolerance May Cause Neuropathy

    Description: Gluten is a common food component, but gluten free diets are becoming more common. One possible complication of gluten can be neuropathy. Should you stop it?

  • Diabetic Nerve Pain or Peripheral Neuropathy

    Description: Do you have nerve pain or neuropathy related to your diabetes? The American Academy of Neurology Foundation has released some valuable resources...

  • Ideopathic Neuropathy Found To Have Genetic Cause

    Description: So you have ideopathic neuropathy and have been told there is no known cause. New studies have found ideopathic neuropathy may be caused by gene mutation...

  • Copper Deficiency Causing Neuropathy

    Description: Vitamin deficiency has been shown to cause neuropathy in many respects. One such deficiency is a trace element copper. Is this the cause of your neuropathy?

  • The Peripheral Neuropathy Center of Utah Integrated

    Description: Peripheral Neuropathy is a poorly understood entity that affects the feet and legs in 20 million people. The Neuropathy Center of Utah has now been added....

  • Toxic Neuropathy Caused By Humira?

    Description: Many conventional medications are being found to cause nerve damage and even longterm neuropathy. Humira is now going to court as possibly another...

  • Hidden Deficiency of Vitamin B12

    Description: Vitamin B12 deficiency is known to cause peripheral neuropathy, but it is not an immediate presentation.

  • Nerve Pain Stops A Country

    Description: Neuropathy pain can have detrimental effects on diabetics and cause such symptoms as physical disabilities, sleep disturbances, insomnia and mood disturbances, and ultimately damaging quality of life through anxiety and depression. How does it affect you?

  • Glenn Beck Has Peripheral Neuropathy

    Description: Glenn Beck is "not dying" but has peripheral neuropathy, a nerve disorder that can cause foot & ankle pain. Dr Gibson discusses this problem.

  • Is Baseball A Solution For Neuropathy Pain?

    Description: Peripheral Neuropathy pain (numbness, tingling, burning, electrical shocks, stabbing pain) is often difficult to control. One man in Philadelphia has found some relief from watching baseball. Will it work for you?

  • Football Coach Udeze has peripheral neuropathy

    Description: Cancer and cancer treatments cause a debilitating condition called peripheral neuropathy to stop an NFL career, but Udeze is still coaching football at UW.

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  • The Neuropathy Association


    Neuropathy Association LogoThe Neuropathy Association is the leading national non-profit organization serving the peripheral neuropathy community.  It provides support and education, advocate for patients’ interests, and promote research into the causes of and cures for neuropathy

    This is a great organization for anyone caring for or suffering with peripheral neuropathy.  Dr Gibson is a member and you can be too.

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